A lifestyle blog with totally real, unbiased Spa reviews. From a real ‘Spa Diva’ who KNOWS how it ‘should’ be and accepts nothing less than the BEST 😉

Plus, features on gorgeous organic & natural spa-standard beauty products, tips and guides to wellness and living a heathier, happier lifestyle with a touch of luxury and a holistic approach.

Firstly …..Spa MORE, it’s good for ya!

It’s about having fun and not always taking yourself too seriously but definitely taking your self-CARE seriously! And enjoying life to the full.

Investing in YOU and in the peace of TIME and SPACE to just BE.

It’s about experiencing healing & indulgent touch therapies. Going on journeys of sensory discovery in wonderous temples of water where touch sight sounds and scent soothe and balance your body mind and soul.

I’m sure going to enjoy it, and I’d love to ‘virtually’ take you along too!