A lifestyle blog born from a passion for SPA!

Do you love:

  • Spa in all it’s forms?
  • Green, clean, kind beauty products?
  • Amazing transformative treatments? 
  • Holistic wellness?


Hi, I’m Debbie,

I’ve been a holistic beauty therapist for 19 years and after mutiple businesses including high street salons, a baby massage business and an online business club, I’m now a Creative Spa Consultant and I specialise in The Customer Journey.

I love to SPA as much as possible and want to take you along with my in-depth reviews to inform and entertain but also to encourage you to go more, enjoy more and benefit more from the Spa enviroment, lifestyle and treatments!

I stand for EXCELLENCE and seek it for you in the whole experience of the Spa, from research to booking to post treatment glow!…hence the ‘Diva’, because I expect the best and want the industry to deliver the best to you ..the customer! (And I help them do that with my consultancy services too).

I love the beech, food, reading, yoga and meditation. I’m proud to have gone vegan this year and I’m a wife, mum to two girls and online entrepreneur. Comment below and tell me about yourself and what you LOVE about SPA..I’d love to hear! Scroll down for the story as to how this blog came to be!

My story:

A few years back I booked a Spa day for myself and my friends in central London. It sadly disappointed in almost every regard! We were so disappointed, especially as a former therapist myself. I’m so of proud of our industry and what a positive influence we have can on people’s mental and physical health and wellbeing. So seeing a facilty with such a great central location, set in a lovely hotel, with so much potential, just wasted through poor maintenace, managment and attention to detail, was heartbreakingly frustrating.

And it wasn’t the first time. In my experience, all too often, spa days fail to deliver in some small way that can, at worst, ruin your visit or at best leave you feeling less chilled out and restored as you should!

My friend commented after our massage that it just wasn’t that relaxing but that she couldn’t pinpoint exactly WHY. I had the same treatment and therapist and thought to myself I know EXACTLY why and it occured to me that my experience as BOTH customer and professional could help people learn what to look for and expect. And help Spa businesses improve and excel!

So the idea for SPA DIVA was born!