Top 5 Vegan Skincare Ranges

On World Vegan Day (Nov 1st), as I looked back on my first year of (proudly) progressively changing to a plant-based lifestyle, I thought it could be helpful to share my top 5 favourite vegan skincare / personal care product ranges that meet various different needs and preferences! So here we go!

Best Organic Aromatherapy Brand: Pinks Boutique

I really enjoy the richness and quality of the Pinks Boutique products. As a therapist the massage oils are a joy to work with, the aromatherapy oils being wonderfully therapeutic and intoxicating with their heady scent. These products are the real deal when it comes to organic aromatherapy skin and body care.

They also give a really great breakdown of what ingredients to avoid if you are seeking a crulety free product here.

As these are also stocked in premium salons and Spas so you can experience a range of wonderful face, body, hand, foot and even waxing treatments confident in the quality, purity, integrity and compassion of products being used on you.
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Best Baby & Mummy Range: Earth Mama Angel Baby


I discovered this lovely little range while searching for cloth nappy friendly bum creams four years ago when my youngest was a baby. They have a wonderful healing soothing and frankly lifesaving bottom balm (chickweed is great for soothing and healing). It’s also a useful balm all round to keep in your hand bag to uses on cuticles, emergency dry patches / hands and heels. Sweet smelling and melty to the touch these little gems are perfect for tender baby bums and beyond!
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Best value range: Tropic

A delightful discovery last year, that I wasn’t previously aware of, was this direct sales brand from Lord Sugar and one of his Apprentice TV show contestant Susie Ma. The purity of the formulations, lovely botanical ingredients and surprising quality and performance really impressed me considering the affordable price point.
As with any new range a great place to start is the travel kits to get a taste of the main facial products before spending out on full size staples. The cleanser has a strong lemongrass scent that I’m not partial to but all the other minis went down a treat with lovely textures, aromas and noticeable effects on the skin.
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Best Make-up & Nutrition: Arbonne

Arbonne is a MLM (muti-level marketing) company that offer a whole range of personal care products. Whatever your stance on this style of business the quality of such companies tends to be far superior to high street equivalents and and very concentrated, so last longer too.

With Arbonne I never got on that well with their skincare ranges but value their makeup for professional level performance and quality.


They also do lovely safe baby range which is impressively effective at reducing inflammation so it’s great for any eczema sufferers. Their nutritional products are also high quality and I trust the scientific development of the formulations thanks to their investment in a quality research and development team behind the brand, although they were sold to Groupe Roche earlier this year and I’m presumning the formualtions haven’t changed. The pea based protein powders makes make yummy vegan smoothies blended with fresh fruit and plant milk for a nutritional boost or clean eating detox.
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Best premium spa brand: Elemis

I was so pleasantly relieved to find that the classic spa range that is found in so many spas countrywide is vegan friendly.  Meaning not ALL the products are vegan but many / most are! You can find a super useful list of which products contain which animal derived ingredients (that came from Elemis) on the Earth to Jessica blog here, in Jessica’s review of her spa evening at the Zayna Spa at the Grand Millenium Hotel in Abu Dahbi. Thanks Jessica, super helpful! 🙂

I have only tried a few products from the huge selection, but my favourites so far are in the ‘Pro-radiance’ range, you can read my review of several here. My face felt hydrated, supple and was glowing after trying the superfoods facial recently too and the superfoods oil is on my skincare wish-list to try next after hearing great things from friends!
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Thanks for reading. If you’d like to share any of YOUR favourite recommendations in the comments I’d love to see them! And you can check out my face book post about going vegan here.

Love, light & bubbles,
The Spa Diva xx

p.s. These are genuine unpaid recommendations and not affiliate sales links.

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