Review: Elemis Pro-Radiance Duo

A relatively recent convert to Elemis I have to say I’m now addicted! I was super chuffed to receive a travel pack of two Pro-Radiance range at the Professional Beauty Show Bloggers event towards the end of last year. That’s got to be the nicest freebie I’ve ever received! There were quite a few other goodies in the bag, but I decided to only review the ones I was most impressed with!

So, here’s an in-depth review as to my experience of the ELEMIS PRO RADIANCE CREAM CLEANSER AND ILLUMINATING FLASH BALM: Their application, results and a little bit about how a simple skincare routine can be a great mindful self-care practice with which to love yourself and bring joy to your day!

I started using the cleanser and balm straight away and have to say I noticed the difference in my skin immediately. After the first use of both products, to my delight, my skin felt plumped and more luminous. Within a week I saw a dramatic improvement in my usually rather sensitive blotchy and occasionally blemish prone skin. I experienced far less breakouts, reduced redness and a lovely soft plumpness normally lacking in my easily dehydrated skin whilst using these two products alone.

Pro Radiance Cream Cleanser

This cleanser is a sheer delight. The first thing I love about it is the aroma, it’s like bottled ‘spa’ smell. The scent ingredients are mainly real essential oils from the citrus family. I love that the range is based on both science and nature and a quick scan of the ingredients didn’t flag up any worries as to offending skincare nasties.

Secondly what I really enjoyed about it was the texture. It has a very satisfying balmy consistency that requires you to work the product into the skin. It doesn’t drag and spreads well, but it’s thick enough that you need to be firm and purposeful which, I can tell you as a former skincare therapist, is good to ensure you give the kind of pressure and movement needed for an effective cleanse.

TOP TIP: I like to keep a stack of soft fluffy flannels in the bathroom for cleansing and mask removal that I use once with steamy hot water and pop in wash each time.  This give a lovely ‘spa’ feel to every cleanse, making my skincare routine a real treat especially with the refreshing Elemis aromas giving an aromatherapy boost to both soothe and uplift.

I liked that it felt very nourishing and hydrating almost so much so that I wouldn’t feel the need to moisturise afterwards all the time. I’m a believer of being a little intuitive in your skincare practices so if you don’t feel you need it, don’t apply it just out of habit or for the sake of it!

The Pro Radiance  Illuminating Flash Balm

I used this as a daily moisturiser in the mornings under mineral powder make up and I warn you I’m going to gush over the is product too! And I am a hard to impress fussy type of gal to please so don’t expect every review to go like this.

Again, the scent and texture are winners, being light and refreshing. It creates a perfect base for makeup spreading easily and soaking in quickly, so you can apply over it pretty much straight away. Essential for a mum rushing to get out of the door for the school run in the mornings like me.

As mentioned above within a week of use my skin was better than it’s been for years. Admittedly I’ve become a little negligent in maintaining a regular skincare routine since becoming a mummy of two! It’s easy done and common I think and is, I recognised, very poor self-care!

But I’m working on prioritising ‘me’ again more and more and in ensuring that even with something as simple as buying good quality skincare and taking time to use it. This can make a difference to how you feel each day emotionally and physically. (If you can relate you may enjoy my post on Self care Strategies for Mums needing a Wellness Boost here)

Mindful Skincare

With time to myself being rare as a mum to young children taking even a few minutes to enjoy the scent and feel of products like these is a simple easy way to adopt a mindful practice to improve wellbeing as well as skin! Breathing in the therapeutic aromas deeply and enjoying the process of cleansing slowly and purposfully can be a pleasure. It’s a great way to make time to centre your mind and simply focus the sensations and dwell in gratitude for a short moment at the beginning and /or end of the day. The blend of uplifting citrus oils and sedative clary sage is deeply calming I find and just makes me smile.


If I can’t afford to get decent products when I run out, I’d rather go without than put cruddy products on my skin. So, after a short ‘drought’ these products were literally a gift for my poor parched skin and that no doubt meant the results were very noticeable.

By the time I’d used both travel sizes up, which lasted surprisingly a good few months, I was sold on these as reliable staples to keep my skin balanced and glowing. Perfect for a simple two product routine, if that’s all you have the time and money for.

And gosh doesn’t your make-up sit so much nicer and look great on happy healthy glowing skin! I don’t wear loads, but I really noticed a difference in how ‘professional’ my day makeup looked and if that doesn’t make you feel great, smile and set a tone to your day then what does?

These two dreamy products really do make you feel ‘radiant’ as much as they nourish and bring a healthy plump and glow to your skin.

Admittedly I think scents and textures with products are quite subject to personal preference, but I believe these two to be great all rounders that would appeal to most people. Those with an oily skin may be averse to the thicker style cleanser’s feel however I’d urge everyone to try it for themselves. Also never be too shy to ask your skincare therapist for an assessment and personalised recommendation for the best product to suit your skin type. Even better, get an Elemis facial and go from there!

I encourage you to buy from your friendly local spa / therapist if you can. This rewards their time, expertise, training and care for you with a little bonus in their pay as most salons and spas pay a small commission.  Admittedly you can get great deals online but be sure to only buy from reputable sellers like the brand’s own website. Often your local spa will have similar or even better deals for you anyway.

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Spa on fellow Spa Divas!

Love Light & Bubbles,

The Spa Diva xx


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